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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cigarette lighter with built-in stun gun is great for self-defense

If you’re a fan of novel inventions, you might be interested to check out particular cigarette lighter that has a stun gun built into it, ultimately pulling double duty as a lighter for your cigarettes and at the same time offering a form of self defense.

Cigarette Lighter and Gun
Cigarette lighter and stun gun
While the cigarette lighter is nothing to shout about, the stun gun might be worth taking a look at. It has the capability to output 260KV and is powered by a integrated NiCad rechargeable battery, a body built from ABS engineering plastic and features a charging time of 10 hours. As icing on the cake, the cigarette lighter/stun gun will also pack a LED flashlight, just in case you need a clearer look at the guy your electrocuting. Jokes aside, this cigarette lighter/stun gun/LED flashlight is available, and needless to say that you should be extremely careful with it if  you plan on buying one for yourself.


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