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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chelsea Handler paid $500 for ‘Russian hooker’ cigarettes

Chelsea Handler’s recent night-in with friends almost went up in smoke.
In a podcast interview with “WTF with Marc Maron,” which aired Monday, the outspoken host of “Chelsea Lately” admitted she recently paid $500 to have a pack of cigarettes delivered to her doorstep.
Chelsea Handler
American stand-up comedian Chelsea Handler
Handler, 37, recalled inviting some co-workers to have drinks at her Bel Air home, where the group ended up playing ping pong and watching the tear-inducing romantic-drama, “Like Crazy.”
“I smoke sometimes when I drink,” explained Handler, whose list of best-selling books includes “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea.” “I like to smoke when I drink so I only drink a couple nights a week, actually.”
“Around 1 in the morning, I decided I wanted a cigarette...,” she continued.
Handler said the Los Angeles-based company, which delivers a range of products typically found in a grocery store, could not accommodate her request because she lived outside of their delivery range.
“I called them back and said ‘I will give you $500 if you bring me a pack of Capris.’ And they’re like, ‘What are Capris?’” she said. “I’m like ‘They’re for Russian hookers and we need a pack of Capris and I will give you $500.’”
Though the comedienne promised the company she had the money in cash, she quickly realized she was in a jam.
“I didn’t even have my wallet here, it’s at work!” Handler explained. “So I didn’t even have the money so (my friend) had to use her money.”
“That’s a really embarrassing story!” the TV host added. “I’m such a loser!”


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