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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pregnant Kate Middleton Smoking In Topless Photos?

Kate Middleton is enduring the humiliation of being caught topless by some pesky paparazzo with aplomb. So far, she has managed to put on a brave face and pretend as if the world hasn't seen her naked. Topless pictures are not so terribly scandalous, but the fact she was smoking in those pictures is pretty damning.

The Duchess of Cambridge has managed to create the image of the perfect fairytale princess. She carries herself with dignity and dresses demurely as befitting to someone in a royal position. She has managed to make looking feminine cool again.

The topless photos show the perfect Kate smoking. A habit she was said to have ditched before she married Prince William. Old habits die hard. Kate has managed to keep her nasty little habit very quiet, but now the world knows what she really does when no one is looking.

Is she setting a bad example for the millions of little girls who look up to her? Without a doubt, yes. Hopefully, none of those little girls will see the pictures of the Princess smoking a cigarette, but in this day and age, it will be nearly impossible to shield them from the photos.

The pictures certainly quiet the rumors she is already pregnant. Or at least one would hope Kate Middleton would not be smoking during her pregnancy. The Queen will likely forbid it.


  1. wow! I didn't see this photo! please, publish the photo that she's smoking! I can't believe!! tks!;*

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