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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'Duck Dynasty' revealed: Robertson's have tobacco addiction not shown on TV

On the show "Duck Dynasty," they do a great job of making sure that the Robertson family is shown in a great light. On Oct. 21, Radar Online reported that the Robertson men have a big problem with tobacco, but they don't show it on television.

Men's Journal is reporting that all of the men use snuff tobacco, but they don't show it on the air. Phil Robertson introduced the boys to it at a young age and they have just continued to use. Nobody wants to see them spitting on the ground though and they just don't show it on television at all.

The use of tobacco products can put you at a higher risk for cancer. This is probably why they have chosen not to show this on the air. The show wants to show the Robertson family as good role models and they would never want people picking up on it because of seeing these men that they look up to doing it on television.

"Duck Dynasty" airs new episodes on A&E every Wednesday night.

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