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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

X Factor 2013: Simon Cowell confesses he started smoking aged 8 saying, “Whatever I was told not to do, I did!”

As fans of X Factor boss Simon Cowell will know, he’s a smoker and he’s rarely seen without a packet of cigarettes within easy reach…

However, he’s also about to be a dad, which is a topic that US chat show host Arsenio Hall – I wonder if anyone calls him Arse for short? – pulled Cowell up on during an interview this week, having told the music mogul, “I don’t smoke, but I can smell cigarettes on you from here!

“And you’re having a baby! Come on man, you gotta stop that!”
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After Arsenio added that Simon has been smoking since he was “an embryo”, Cowell replied, “Look the thing is, I will, I want to [stop].

“But I was eight years old when I had my first cigarette, because everything I was told not to do, I did.

“I was told ‘don’t drink, don’t smoke’ so…”

Erm Mr Cowell? Do NOT contact me via Twitter or any other means possible to set up a date. No Siree Bob, do not do that. And do NOT purchase any quantity of expensive jewellery for me. It is forbidden.

However, Simon added that he is intending to stop – he is of course expecting a baby boy with lover Lauren Silverman – and noted that it’s also “bad for the puppies,” meaning the two über cute doggies he welcomed into the expanding Cowell family recently.

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