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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

British American Tobacco Launches Dunhill Limited Edition

British American Tobacco, the largest tobacco company in the world, in order to give their new products a distinctive trademark turned to ideas used in wine industry. The company released limited edition of its Dunhill cigarettes belonging to premium brands. The new modern premium package for these cigarettes contains the information about lineage of the leaf used and the year … Continue reading

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Should Smoking be Banned at College?

A large amount of college students try smoking when they arrive at college because they were discouraged to growing up, and some then become addicted to it.

Recently other campuses in the South have decided to make the shift to a smoke-free campus. The University of Mississippi inducted a smoke-free policy in August 2012 and began enforcing it in January 2013.

“Student committee members went to the faculty senate and staff council to gain support for the smoke-free policy,” said Leslie Banahan, the assistant vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of Mississippi. “We have had very few problems since full implementation of the policy.”

Banahan also said the Ole Miss’ Provost’s Office provided funding for cessation programs and medication to assist smokers with quitting. The University of Tennessee also restricted smoking with a policy in September 2011.

“There were a lot of complaints about secondhand smoke, so we have a health initiative, and we wanted to drive down health insurances cost for the people who smoke,” said Mike Herbstritt, a team leader in human resources at the University of Tennessee.

Herbstritt also said rules on smoking have gotten more and more restrictive due to how vocal people were in their opposition. In August, Auburn University implemented a smoke-free policy as well.

Several UA groups have already passed a smoke-free resolution. The Faculty Senate, Professional Staff Assembly and the Office and Clerical staff all support a smoke-free campus. UA Housing has drafted a smoke-free resolution for campus, and the College of Nursing has designated its grounds as tobacco-free along with the College of Community Health Sciences and the UA Recreational Center.

“Faculty, to professional staff, to students all recognize health benefits for our community for taking the next step, and they want to support the administration in making the decision,” Wilcox said. UA’s SHC discourages students from using tobacco products for health reasons. It also encourages everyone to call the Alabama Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-Quit-Now, which is a free, user-friendly resource.

“We try to put this information out about its convenience several times a year,” Wilcox said. Even though surveys have shown that not all students support the University being a smoke-free school, the petition allows students to voice their opinion.

“We always love hearing from students and understand that this issue is one students are passionate about, on both sides of the argument,” Foley said. After the petition is collected, a letter of smoke-free support will be drafted to the UA president on behalf of all organizations and individuals who favor the ban.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tobacco Companies Enter Myanmar Market

It is estimated that 50% of population in Myanmar do consume different kinds of tobacco. Most people use chewing tobacco and cheroots. As to filtered cigarettes, mostly they are used in cities. The anti-tobacco legislation is weak in the country and therefore numbers of smoking people are high. After the military rule fell in Myanmar, large tobacco companies started to … Continue reading

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bloomberg Signs Ban on Sales of Tobacco to Those Under 21

Mayor of the New York, Michael Bloomberg, recently signed into law a bill which increases to 21 the minimum age to buy tobacco products in the city. The administration believes that this will be an example to follow not only by U.S. states but by other countries. The law is considered to be one of the strictest in the USA … Continue reading

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Disney's onscreen smoking ban applies even to Walt

The Walt Disney Company's blanket ban on showing characters smoking in its movies has meant that Saving Mr Banks, the new film in which Tom Hanks plays the legendary movie mogul, has excised Disney's own well-documented smoking habit.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Saving Mr Banks's director, John Lee Hancock, and producer, Alison Owen, tackled the issue as they presented the movie at the Napa Valley film festival in California. Owen said that despite the fact their film took a close look at their company founder in action, Disney only made one request: "They told us there could be no smoking."

Disney, who died in 1966 from lung cancer, started smoking heavily while in France during the first world war, according to Pipes magazine, when he served as an ambulance driver.

Disney also smoked a pipe, and even set up a tobacco shop in Disneyland in 1955 (since closed).

Disney's ban on smoking onscreen dates back to 2007, when company CEO Bob Iger announced: "We expect that depictions of cigarette smoking in future Disney-branded films will be nonexistent."

However Saving Mr Banks, which follows the creation of the hit 1964 musical Mary Poppins, does not entirely eradicate the habit: in one scene, Disney is seen putting out a cigarette which is not visible.

Saving Mr Banks, which stars Hanks as Disney and Emma Thompson as Mary Poppins author PL Travers, will be released in the UK on 29 November, in the US on 13 December and in Australia on Boxing Day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

X Factor 2013: Simon Cowell confesses he started smoking aged 8 saying, “Whatever I was told not to do, I did!”

As fans of X Factor boss Simon Cowell will know, he’s a smoker and he’s rarely seen without a packet of cigarettes within easy reach…

However, he’s also about to be a dad, which is a topic that US chat show host Arsenio Hall – I wonder if anyone calls him Arse for short? – pulled Cowell up on during an interview this week, having told the music mogul, “I don’t smoke, but I can smell cigarettes on you from here!

“And you’re having a baby! Come on man, you gotta stop that!”
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After Arsenio added that Simon has been smoking since he was “an embryo”, Cowell replied, “Look the thing is, I will, I want to [stop].

“But I was eight years old when I had my first cigarette, because everything I was told not to do, I did.

“I was told ‘don’t drink, don’t smoke’ so…”

Erm Mr Cowell? Do NOT contact me via Twitter or any other means possible to set up a date. No Siree Bob, do not do that. And do NOT purchase any quantity of expensive jewellery for me. It is forbidden.

However, Simon added that he is intending to stop – he is of course expecting a baby boy with lover Lauren Silverman – and noted that it’s also “bad for the puppies,” meaning the two über cute doggies he welcomed into the expanding Cowell family recently.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

November is Smoking Cessation Month

In the USA November was declared National Smoking Cessation Month and Quality Insights of Pennsylvania supports it. Health care providers say that quitting smoking, even for one day, is a very important step for smokers towards a healthier life and this helps to reduce risks for cancer. American Cancer Society says that tobacco consumption remains the largest preventable cause of … Continue reading