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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jenelle Evans fires back after reports she is smoking while pregnant

 Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her second child and denies that she is smoking at this time. On Jan. 30, Evans took to Sulia to defend herself against critics who alleged that the "Teen Mom 2" star is lighting up.

Evans posted this quote in self defense and says the cigarettes in question were not hers:

Every move that I make is watched, and criticized! So when I tweeted this photo of my school books, I should have known the analyzing that would begin because of this photo! The cigarettes in the photo are NOT mine...

The Jenelle Evans smoking drama all started earlier in the month when Evans posted a picture of her messy stack of school books to Twitter. Sitting among the pile of school stuff was a pack of Newport cigarettes. Instantly the internet lit up with allegations that the "Teen Mom 2" star was smoking while pregnant. Many insisted that they must be hers because they are scattered in her things and because no one else in her household smokes.

Jenelle's very shaky defense was to point fans toward an article written for Gather which actually very loosely accuses her of smoking one or two and saying it isn't as awful as other things she has done. She also says they aren't hers. Which is it?

At this point, it really looks like the Newports belong to Jenelle Evans and she is taking a lot of heat for it. It's true that quitting is hard but she can expect the backlash in a case like this.

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