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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Minnie Driver caught with a cigarette

She was once in a band called Puff, Rocks and Brown and it appears Minnie Driver is still living up to the name of her former group.

Well, the first part of it anyway.

The Good Will Hunting star, 44, was seen sucking on a cigarette outside a friend's place in Beverly Hills on Friday and seemed to be enjoying the nicotine more and more with every mouthful.

In sunglasses, a chic blue top and eye-catching cobalt heels, Minne Driver looked youthful but stressed beneath a cloud of tobacco-smoke.

She also seemed in a hurry as she paced and tapped away at her smartphone.

'I like that she is an amalgamation of a lot of people that I have come into contact with,' she recently said on Huffpost Live.

'I love her, I think she's difficult and fragile, annoying and a really good-hearted mother.'

Driver recently signed up to promote Claritin - a drug used to treat hay fever - but she might want to think about swapping to Nicorette.

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