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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil will be tobacco free

Fans and players at the 2014 World Cup will benefit from 100% smoke and tobacco free environments.

FIFA announced that the tobacco ban will apply to games in all 12 Brazilian cities that are hosting the 2014 games.

The ban will apply to both indoor and outdoor spaces within the perimeters of each participating stadium and means that no smoking, no sales of cigarettes or other tobacco products, and no tobacco advertising, promotion or sponsorship will be allowed at the games.

Starting with the 2002 World Cup games in Korea and Japan, the last four FIFA World Cups have been tobacco-free. FIFA’s tobacco-free policy was developed with support from World Health Organization (WHO), which is also providing operational guidelines for the policy’s implementation.

“Besides a smoke-free environment, a tobacco-free World Cup means the tobacco industry cannot use its deceptive marketing tactics to recruit new smokers among the thousands of young fans who attend the games,” said WHO tobacco control advisor, Adriana Blanco. “It supports the trend of tobacco-free mega-events and helps advance social change toward rejection of tobacco.”

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