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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Will Adele's career end in a puff of smoke?

It's a mystery that’s been baffling her fans: why has singer Adele failed to release any new material for almost three years?

Now I can reveal that the 26-year-old’s smoking habit is one of the reasons she has been kept out of the studio – and she has turned to hypnotherapy to save her career.

Adele lost her voice completely in 2011, cancelled shows, had surgery and was told by doctors to quit smoking or face the end of her career.

Now she has had a £295 session with Harley Street hypnotist Susan Hepburn in an attempt to give up for good.

A source said: ‘Adele has tried to quit, but the cravings kept getting the better of her. She wants to get back in the studio.’

Her last performance was at the 2013 Academy Awards. She has said: ‘If I wasn’t a singer I would still be smoking 25 Karelia Slims Blue a day. It’s my favourite thing to do.’

Troubled designer John Galliano will be welcomed back into the fashion fold tomorrow night in London when he presents American Vogue editor Anna Wintour with an Outstanding Achievement Award at the British Fashion Awards at the Coliseum.

That’s the fashion pack’s equivalent of being pardoned by the Queen at the Palace. Galliano, 54, disgraced himself in 2011 when he was found guilty of shouting racist and anti-Semitic abuse in a Paris bar.

Stella McCartney may be regretting asking Steve Coogan to turn on the Christmas lights at her Mayfair store.

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