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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cambodian PM says he quits smoking successfully

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, a nearly life-long cigarette smoker, announced  He used to smoke Davidoff cigarettes

Thursday that he has completely quit smoking after trying to stop it for more than a decade. "I announce today that I have successfully given up smoking cigarettes after struggling to quit it for nearly 15 years," he said during a graduation ceremony of more than 2,000 students at the Chamroeun University of Poly-Technology. "Now, there is no smell of cigarette smoke in my home."

The 62-year-old prime minister said he has completely stopped smoking for eight months.

Cambodia issued a circular to ban smoking in public venues and workplaces in February.

Mom Kong, executive director of Cambodia Movement for Health, said some 10,000 Cambodian people die from tobacco-related diseases every year and Cambodian smokers spent about 100 million U.S. dollars a year for cigarettes and tobacco.

The Southeast Asian nation has a population of about 14.8 million. Of the number, 7.5 million people are adults. According to a National Adult Tobacco Survey 2011, some 1.4 million adult Cambodians smoke cigarettes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pennsylvania Passes Cigarette Tax Increase

After a long period of delay, the Pennsylvania House finally approved a bill which imposes to increase taxes on cigarettes. The new tax of $2 per pack will be used to fund schools. The bill passed with the majority of votes (114 against 84) and is going to be sent to the Senate for the final decision. Anti-smoking activists welcomed … Continue reading

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Leonard Cohen to start smoking again at 80

Singer Leonard Cohen has vowed to celebrate turning 80 by taking up smoking Davidoff Classic again.

The “Hallelujah” singer, who gave up cigarettes after years of heavy smoking, celebrates the milestone birthday on Sunday and will ring it in with a cigarette.

Speaking at a press event in New York City on Thursday, the singer told reporters, “Quite seriously, does anyone know where you can buy a Turkish or Greek cigarette? I’m looking forward to that first smoke. I’ve been thinking about that for 30 years. It’s one of the few consistent strings of thoughts I’ve been able to locate.”

Cohen will also celebrate his birthday by releasing his new album, “Popular Problems” on Tuesday.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tobacco Still Sold in New York Pharmacies

In past, American smokers could come to the hospital gift shop, buy cigarettes and light them up not only in the waiting room but everywhere in the hospital. Yeah, today this seems strage to us as smoking is banned in most public places including hospitals. However, these days tobacco continues to be sold in pharmacies, which also do sell presriptions … Continue reading

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Smoking Rates on the Rise in New York City

New York City’s Department of Health released this week report which reveals that in the city there are more than 1 million smokers for the first time since 2007. The released data is quite alarming as it shows an increase in number of tobacco users in New York in spite of local authorities efforts to fight smoking by launching numerous … Continue reading

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

David Beckham lookalike to perform at stop smoking event

A David Beckham lookalike will be appearing in Enfield today at an event to help people give up smoking.

But the visitor will show appearances can be deceptive when he demonstrates his football skills as part of a humourous event to help people quit.

This year's Stoptober will focus on comedy as a way of deterring people and the show today outside Marks and Spencer, in Enfield Town’s palace gardens shopping centre, is one of many events taking place.

As well as Beckham’s double, a magician and balloon sculptor will also be on display.

 Councillor Rohini Simbodyal, cabinet member for culture, sport, youth and public health, who will be supporting the event, said: “Smoking is a serious health concern and the greatest preventable cause of death and disability in the borough.

“There are lots of ways that Enfield’s Stop Smoking service can help our residents quit, with different replacement therapies, coping tools and moral support, and all of this is free.

“I would urge everyone who is thinking about stopping smoking to give it a go for Stoptober, and seek help because research shows you are four times more likely to quit with this extra support than stopping on your own."

Data shows that today Englishmen buy cigarettes from online cigarette shops like rather than from ordinary shops.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Smoking Ban in Bars Rejected in Kokomo

In August, City Council of Kokomo, Indiana, discussed the proposal to prohibit smoking on workplaces in clubs and bars. The ban was approved with 5-4 vote. However, the final vote took place on Monday current week, and Republican Kevin Summers changed his opinion and voted against the ban. Thus the propsal to ban smoking on workplaces in bars was rejected … Continue reading

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cigars and women can wait as Scott promises to KO Leapai

Malik Scott has a few hobbies he'd like to pursue once he retires from the fight game. In no particular order; dancing with his daughter, educating the world about quality cigars and bedding bevies of beautiful ladies.

But that's then. And 'then' would only eventuate if he loses to Alex Leapai on October 24 as the Logan City heavyweight makes his first venture back into the ring since his heavy loss to Wladimir Klitschko in April.

Scott (36-2-1) is coming off a similarly humbling defeat, being knocked out in the first round by rising American heavyweight Deontay Wilder (30-0) and later being accused of taking a dive, an accusation that infuriated the Philadelphia native.

So we arrived in Brisbane on October 24 with both men putting their reputations on the line and in the case of Scott, his career. He has promised to hang them up if he doesn't stop Leapai in his tracks.

"I got to get back in the picture. I cannot let Alex Leapai beat me. October 24, not only am I going to win, I'm going to stop Leapai. If I don't, I'm going to retire, that's it. I have time for nothing else," said Scott, who channels former Detroit Pistons bad boy Dennis Rodman in his sartorial styling.

"You won't see me 40 years old out there fighting young guys. I want to have sex with beautiful women and distribute great cigars throughout the world. I can't do that by fighting, fighting, fighting.

Among cigars, Scott chooses Colts, that are available online at

Monday, September 8, 2014

Smoking Banned in More Than 80% of American Homes

It was found that 4 out of 5 homes in the USA today prohibit smoking inside. The new report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that in previous two decades the number of smoke-free homes was significantly increased in the country from 43% in 1992 to 83%in 2010. These days homes become less tolerant towards smokers with 91.4% … Continue reading

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Berkeley County Hospital Goes Tobacco-Free

Tobacco use is no longer permitted at Jefferson Medical Center in Charles Town, West Virginia. The new anti-smoking ordinance came into action on September 1. Earlier this summer, Berkeley Medical Center in Martinsburg adopted a similar policy. Both hospitals make part of University Healthcare’s system. According to Christina DeRosa, Jefferson Medical Centerl president and chief operating officer, the anti-smoking policy … Continue reading

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Josie Cunningham: I'm going to quit smoking and drinking

Pregnant wannabe glamour model Josie Cunningham has revealed she is to quit smoking and drinking and has cancelled tickets to the birth of her child after finding out she is expecting a girl.

The 24-year-old, who rose to fame after undergoing a £4,800 breast enlargement on the NHS, had originally thought that her third child, due in October, was to be a boy.

She admitted she smoked a whole packet of cheap Vogue cigarettes and drank one glass of wine after the other because she felt 'genuinely gutted' to discover it wasn't the little girl she'd hoped for.

Then last month she announced to her 54,000 Twitter fans that the four tickets to the home birth had sold out in just 14 minutes - netting her £30,000.

She later said that 50 fans would be able to log on to the video chat service Skype and watch the former prostitute's delivery via videolink.

Doctors had originally told Ms Cunningham, from Leeds that she was expecting a third boy but she asked for a second opinion after using a home scan kit which said she was expecting a girl.

It is now thought she is indeed expecting a girl and has had a change of heart, cancelling the tickets, saying she wants to look after herself.

She told the Sunday Mirror: 'I want to enjoy my precious first few moments alone with my daughter and my mum - not share them with the world.

'I've really started looking after myself. I have never purposely put my child at any risk, but when I was originally told I was having a boy I just lost all willpower to avoid cravings.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Latest Data on Philip Morris Earnings

Philip Morris International investors recently faced particular difficulties due to difficult situation on global tobacco industry. Entering the recent quarter, investors got anxious when Philip Morris reduced its profit forecast for the full year. Company told that the major causes for it are currency upswings and cigarette volumes drop which resulted in factory closures. In July the company’s report helped … Continue reading